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Stretch Wrapper Silent Features :

Robust construction
Controllable cycle time
Safety features incorporated
Indigenous design
User friendly
Easy manipulation of load to provide bi-directional wrapping
Low power consumption
Variable speed


Stretch Wrapping Machine

The concept of stretch wrapping as the name suggests entails the use of stretch-cling film. The stretchy film is stretched around the product / carton. The film clings to the previous layer of film. The cycle keeps on repeating till the entire product / carton is covered with film. Designed to enable cylindrical products to be wrapped with LD / LDPE stretch film.


Benifits :

Protection from dusts, moisture and foreign particle
Gives stability to the pack
Scratch resistant
Handing becomes easy and fast
Economical mode of packing
Prevent telescroping of rolls
Saving packaging labor & time
Attractive packing for printed boxes, Better identification of wrapped products
Low maintenance cost