Site Slogan

Core Ideology

Core Purpose : To Provide Amazing Experiences For Enhancing Value and Life of Customers and Their Products.

Core Values :

Continuous Improvement
Quality in all Aspect Customers First

Core Values Translation

Transparency :

To develop a habit of Transparency in Day-to-Day Work in personal and professional life.
To develop transparency with self and to extend it to everyone comes in contact with
To be transparent about Price, Quality, Services, Performance, Terms & Conditions and Warrantees.
Transparency helps you to get extra mileage in every sphere.

Continuous Improvement :

Improvement is an ongoing and endless process to improve self as well as an organization.
Always Motivate by self questioning that “I tomorrow must be different and better then I today”
Continuous improvement in Product, Service, Communication, Systems and Process.

Quality in all Aspect :

Quality in all Aspect means whatever we do, we will do the best.
Quality Equipment + Quality People = Quality Result
Quality doesn’t mean only in product and services but in our Work,
Communication, Grooming, Response, and Relationship Etc.

Customers First :

Be “Adwait” (one) with your customer’s interest and their needs.
Always think what you can give to the customer and “Enhance their products Values & life” from your end.
Focus on creating Win - Win situation.
Be action oriented and go-getter in completing everything that you are responsible for and even that, you are not.

Envisioned Future BHAG :

To Incorporate the Great Practices Of BOSCH An Achieving a Turnover of Rs.500 Cr By 2035.